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Testimonials on Graham’s book, Growing Forward
“I have just finished reading “Growing Forward”. I’m definitely prejudiced favourably toward my friend Graham Frost.But I read this book determined to give it an impartial assessment. It surpasses my hopes and expectations. Its frankness, impartiality, keen sense of observation, detailed recollections, objectivity and oral quality have bowled me over. I could say a lot more. Better you read the book yourself!”

Gordon Martin

I was a couple of days starting reading your book but have just finished it. What a brilliant read! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I know it sounds corny but I really did want to turn each page and not put it down!”

Paul Green

“Just finished your fascinating book. I couldn’t put it down and now I can’t wait for the sequel! As I read it, I couldn’t help thinking it would make a brilliant film script!  Ever thought of going down that track? Well done for writing such a readable, well observed and frank account of your life. You have kept a wonderfully balanced and generous approach – when you could easily have become bitter, angry or even mawkish. What a huge achievement. — .”

Sandra Lawes

Just finished “Growing Forward” – an amazing and frank account of Graham’s early life. Inspirational and heart warming. I loved that Graham was able to see humour in ever the most dire circumstances. He really painted a picture of life in the 60s and 70s. He writes with great honesty, and compassion. Thank you for a great read!

Suzanne Bunce

Board Member, Young Enterprise, Milton Keynes,

Graham Frost has written a book full of great and remarkable characters – each one of them have some sort of redeeming quality about them. I even liked Graham’s parents – admittedly I don’t understand them but there is something about them that I like.

Growing Forward is all about Graham’s life (up to a certain point and yes I am waiting for the next instalment) and as this book is about Graham’s life it is set in “real time” starting in the 50’s. Graham’s ability to describe scenes / people and places so well reminded me of things from my own childhood and teenage years – thank you for that Graham.

Graham opens a window to his life for us allowing us to see his strict religious upbringing as he perceived it. How he very calmly walked away from that religion and therefore also his family / how he fell into a life of crime / battled testicular cancer / fell madly in love / found work at British Rail and everything else “in between”.

The “in between” parts of this book are just as interesting as the parts already mentioned – the relationships Graham forged with people who “gave him a chance” despite a stay in Borstal / his various yet innocent relationships with several young ladies and ultimately his complicated relationship with Anne who he loved with a passion and she, in return, adored Graham.

I feel this book has been written with honesty and humour (I’m not sure if the humour was purposely added however there are passages in the book where I found myself laughing out loud). Graham shows empathy / loyalty and love throughout the book which makes it very easy to read and makes me want to read more. I am looking forward to the next instalment of Graham’s book with eager anticipation.

I love / love / love Growing Forward – I can totally understand why Graham’s story has been referred to as inspirational and highly recommend you read it.

Andria Owen