Graham Frost is a motivational speaker who tells his story of Optimism, Determination and Resilience.

He is a school speaker and a prison speaker.

Graham is the only professional speaker with lived experience of growing up in a cult, and escaping alone, aged 17.
He spent time in a young offenders’ prison, and then beat testicular cancer in his early 20s.

A few years ago, Graham was asked to give a talk about his life for a group of young people at a Young Enterprise awards ceremony.

Afterwards, two young men came up to Graham and told him that he had inspired them.

Here’s what people have said about Graham’s talks:

“I would thoroughly recommend Graham as an interesting and inspiring speaker. I have experienced hearing first hand about Graham’s fascinating life story. It was our pleasure to host Graham at the YES! Group Sheffield, where the audience was enthralled by his story of triumph over adversity. Well done Graham, for all your determination and kind contribution to others!”

“Top man, great motivational speaker. Put across in a very down-to-earth way, Graham captured the audience’s imagination. Great insight on how to learn from life’s struggles.”

“I asked Graham to speak at our Young Enterprise awards ceremony because I knew he had an interesting story. At the event, he was able to connect with the 150+ mainly teenage audience and give them some real food for thought. Many of the audience were inspired by Graham’s story, as indicated by the lively question and answer session. Graham inspired and entertained the audience.”

“Graham delivered a talk to a group of 30 year 13 sociology students which was about his life living in and leaving a fundamentalist Christian Sect/Cult. Graham’s honest story was an amazing insight into growing up in a religious sect and what it was like to leave, and the decisions he had to make to do this. His telling of the story really brought to life the topic of Sects, Cults and the key characteristics of these movements. He also gave an opportunity for students to ask questions, and again gave really insightful and honest answers. He really engaged the group and this was an invaluable experience for students to actually meet someone who had experienced being a member and how this affected his life.”

“He was a great public speaker and also gave a really positive message of embracing the life you have and to make the most of it.”

“Not one who normally displays emotion, I found myself rather taken aback at a recent event. Graham was introduced as the guest speaker,what followed was the most motivational, inspirational and thought-provoking
10 minutes I have ever listened to. Not sugar-coated rhetoric, but a hard-hitting life story delivered with no sentimentality, but straight from the heart. I was mesmerised, and quickly had to pull myself
together at the conclusion. Thank you, Graham.”

If you would like your audience to experience this, please contact Graham on 07766 916317 or email using the contact button.