All of us have something in our lives that we want to do, or wish we could do. I’m no exception to that rule! My current dream, sitting here in my office, looking out on a grey, uninspiring day in Peterborough, Eastern England, is to be able to take a group of cricket-loving friends to the Saturday of a Lord’s Test match, and have a ‘corporate’ box for the day, so we can live like lords, just for the day. Last year I sat in the Warner Stand at Lord’s, and drank champagne at 11.30 in the morning while watching England play Sri Lanka in a one-day international. Just along from us, in the executive boxes,¬†were celebrities enjoying the champagne lifestyle that they are used to. Well, I don’t necessarily want that lifestyle all the time, but a a taste of it now and then would be great. So that’s one of my goals. What are your goals? What are you waiting for? What is holding you back?

I decided that in order to earn enough money to make this dream come true for me I have to set up several different ways of making money, and then focus on the ones that start producing first. I’ll share with you how things go, but there is one thing that I already know for certain, this dream won’t come true on it’s own. I will have to take action to make it happen. So, what is there in your life or business that you know you need to take action in order to change? What are you waiting for?