A few months ago, I heard David McLeod speak at one of Derek Williams’ ‘The WOW! Awards events in London. What he said about the enablers of employee engagement piqued my interest, as I worked for a company back in the 1990’s where I, and the majority of the 2000+ employees there were pretty much totally engaged with what we were doing. I was in the training department, and we ran regular courses for managers and other support people to tach them how to work in the front line of the business. We had an inspirational Chief Executive who preferred a small office and was able to personally engage with employees at all levels. As someone who had spent fifteen years serving customers in that business before going into the training role, my opinion was often sought. Internal communication was excellent at all levels – everyone knew what the purpose of the company was – it was a pleasure to get up and go to work.

So I’m happy to see the Engage for Success initiative that is officially launched in the U.K. today, because it will undoubtedly help to create some more great places to work, and that can only be a good thing, for many positive reasons! Whatever small amount of weight I am able to throw behind this movement, I will gladly throw, because it’s beyond any argument to me that people who are engaged will be happier and more productive than those that aren’t. I don’t need to see any figures to believe that, because I have experienced it. And engaged employees will always provide a great customer experience – I have lived that too!