When I set up this website, several years ago, I made a commitment to writing a blog post at least every two weeks. I kept that commitment for over two years, and then work got in the way. I was spending too much time delivering training and not enough time working on my speaking and training business. I coasted, in some ways, and became complacent.

Recently, I decided to up my game. I have a message that can help other people to move forward with their lives, and I need to be getting that message out there. One way of achieving that is through speaking to groups of people, and one way is through writing regular posts here about what I am up to and what I am thinking about.

So, over the next few weeks, you will see some of my thoughts and feelings appearing in print again. Not just on LinkedIn, where I have been writing quite regular posts, but also here. I hope you’ll join me now and then, and we can help and support each other. Until next time!