Travelling back from a 4Networking breakfast meeting in Dereham this morning I was listening to the car radio where there was a discussion on Digby Jones’ latest idea to introduce young people into the workplace at 14 years of age. Once I had got over my initial reaction, which was ‘slave labour…’, I remembered back to my own experiences aged 14.

My mother had come home with some clothes for me that I found completely unsuitable. They were all that she could afford, as I was the eldest of six children and there was not a lot of money to go around. Being an independent lad, I asked my Dad to find me a job in the school holidays so that I could buy my own clothes. My mother never had to buy me another item of clothing and I had money of my own from the age of 14. I guess that wouldn’t be allowed nowadays, but I fail to see why not, as long as young people are protected from unscrupulous employers.

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