Here is a guest post from a Twitter buddy of mine – Graham Moreno

 Working In Customer Service Changed My Perspective


When you go into certain stores, you expect certain things. A favorite retail store might be expected to deliver impeccable service (why else would you love them). A cable provider you might routinely do battle with might come with the expectation of frustration (because cable providers). Thanks to confirmation bias, you’re probably right in your expectations more often than not.


What if you had a job that totally changed how you view customer service? What if the assumptions you make about service every day suddenly got flipped on their head and every interaction brought a flood of information surging into your mind as you analyzed what just happened?

I love my job. I am lucky enough to spend all day trying to improve customer service. I get to talk about, read about, write about, and generally immerse myself in customer service. I work with an incredible team, in an incredible city, on a project I am genuinely excited about. I could not be luckier.


The most interesting thing about my job at has been how my expectations of customer service have changed completely. Here are the five ways that customer service has changed for me since I started doing it as my job.


    1.        I notice subtle service.

Example: My apartment doesn’t do anything crazy, but they’re consistent, considerate, and friendly. I appreciate that more than I ever would have before.

    2.        Companies that apologize make me really happy.

Example: Historically companies apologized for mistakes and it didn’t move the needle. Now companies that care enough to make it right make me feel warm and fuzzy. Favor, in Austin, is great about this and as a result they get my business daily.

    3.        I gravitate heavily towards positivity.

I love positive stories, good best practices, and companies that do it well. I’ve learned that it’s easy to get pageviews with negativity, but that doesn’t help people learn, so I’ve found myself intentionally shutting out negative articles in favor of uplifting ones.

    4.        My spending habits have changed.

Like most people,  I’ve always preferred great service. Previously, it wasn’t necessary to win my business. Now I find myself seeking out companies that have great reputations to ensure that I’m getting the best service possible.

    5.        I’m happier.

Turns out great customer service happens a lot more than I realized. It’s easy to read all of the news and think otherwise, but becoming aware of it made me realize that there are a lot of really great, caring people around at all times.


Great customer service is more present than we think. It took working in customer service to make me realize that. Now I’m aware that anyone can become more conscious of it if they look for it. Tune out the news, and look at the little things people do to show they care. It might make your day.


Graham Moreno works in Business Operations and runs the blog at, a software company where they are rethinking customer service. You can read his other work at